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Overseas Buyers at Record Levels in 2022

In this podcast I discuss the latest overseas buyer numbers from the notary and predict 2022 will be another record-breaking year (09m:21s)

Spanish Property Market Statistics 2021 Part 2

Spanish Property Market Statistics 2021 – Part 2. This podcast compares prices per square metre in the new-build and resale sectors of Spain’s property market. (10m:28s) Published February 11, 2022.

Spanish Property Statistics 2021 – Part 1

Spanish Property Market Statistics 2021 – Part 1. In spite of the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, Spain’s overseas property sector is in good shape if 2021 statistics are anything to go by. (14m:00) Published January 29 2022

The Overseas Property Market and Covid-19

What happened to Spain’s overseas property market after the pandemic hit. (10m:58s) Published June 9 2021

What now for the Spanish property market

Some important issues for property buyers to think about as Spain opens up to overseas visitors (10m:32s) Published June 22, 2020

Property price warning

Warning from the International Monetary Fund about price rises in Spain(09m:37s)

The International Property Market in Spain

The latest statistics about international buyers and where they are buying in Spain (10m:22s)

Property Prices in Spain

Talking about the big difference between prices for resales and new builds. (9m:27s)

Rental Ready

If you rent your Spanish property to tourists, are you Rental Ready? Find out what you need to do(9m:20s)

Spain’s Overseas and Domestic Property Markets

Why the overseas and domestic property markets in Spain are so different(12m:51s)

Why Use a Buying Agent? – Part 1

Explaining the differences between buying agents and estate agents (6m:45s)

The Marbella Planning Mash Up

Everything you need to know about the Marbella planning mash up, following the annulment of the Planning Laws. (11m:55s)

Golden Visa

The Spanish Government relaxes the rules for residency under the Golden Visa scheme for non-EU nationals (4m:35s)

SAREB the Multi-Tasking Bank

The latest goings on at SAREB, Spain’s multi-tasking bad bank. (4m:00s)

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